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Who are free for Visa to visit Vietnam?

Visitors to Vietnam must obtain a valid visa unless they come from one of the Vietnam visa-free countries. Until now, Vietnam provides 14 to 90 days visa-free to citizens of 24 countries with valid ordinary passports.

List of countries which is free visa to Vietnam

Name of Country Number of days with free Visa
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United Kingdom (*)Less than 15 days (valid until June 30, 2021)
France France (*)Less than 15 days (valid until June 30, 2021)
Italy Italy (*)Less than 15 days (valid until June 30, 2021)
Spain Spain (*)Less than 15 days (valid until June 30, 2021)
Germany Germany (*)Less than 15 days (valid until June 30, 2021)
Belarus Belarus (*)Less than 15 days (valid until June 30, 2020)
Finland Finland (*)Less than 15 days
Japan Japan (*)Less than 15 days
Korea Republic of South Korea (*)Less than 15 days
Sweden Sweden (*)Less than 15 days
Norway Norway (*)Less than 15 days
Denmark Denmark (*)Less than 15 days
Russia Russia (*)Less than 15 days
Kyrgyzstan KyrgyzstanLess than 30 days
Cambodia CambodiaLess than 30 days
Thailand ThailandLess than 30 days
Malaysia MalaysiaLess than 30 days
Singapore SingaporeLess than 30 days
Indonesia IndonesiaLess than 30 days
Laos LaosLess than 30 days
Philippines PhilippinesLess than 21 days
Brunei BruneiLess than 14 days
Myanmar MyanmarLess than 14 days
Chile ChileLess than 90 days

What are conditions to enter Vietnam with free visa?

  • The passport is valid for more than 6 months from the date of entry Vietnam.
  • Guests must present a round-trip ticket upon arrival.
  • Enter and exit Vietnam at any check-point, including airpot, land border crossing and sea-ports.

Special Note:

  • United Kingdom National Overseas (BNO) passport holders are not eligible for a 15-days free visa exemption. Therefore, they need to apply for a visa to visit Vietnam.
  • Foreigners who travel to Phu Quoc Island can stay on the island for 30 days without the visa. Passengers must go to Phu Quoc Island directly from the country outside Vietnam or go to the domestic terminal after completing customs clearance procedures at Vietnam international airport.
  • APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) holders with valid passports are exempt from Vietnamese visa requirements and stay for no more than 60 days.
  • Citizens of Cambodia Cambodia, Thailand Thailand, Laos Laos, Malaysia Malaysia, Singapore Singapore, Indonesia Indonesia, Philippines Philippines, Brunei Brunei,  Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan and Myanmar Myanmar can enter and exit Vietnam multiple times as they want with a free Visa for a specific of time.
  • (*) Citizens of Korea Republic of South Korea, Japan Japan, Russia Russia, Denmark Denmark, Sweden Sweden, Finland Finland, Norway Norway, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United Kingdom, Italy Italy, Germany Germany, Spain Spain, Belarus Belarus and France France want to enter into Vietnam under unilateral visa exemption in the next time have to wait at least 30 days from the last day exit Vietnam.

For example: An UK citizen entering Vietnam dated 01 March 2022 with 15 days free visa and exit Vietnam on 10 March 2022. If he/she wants to come back to Vietnam with 15 days free Visa again, he/she has to wait at least 30 days – it means after 10th December 2019 – to enter Vietnam again. In case he/she wants to enter Vietnam again anytime from 11 March 2022 to 09 December 2019 (within 30 days from the last exit date Vietnam), he/she must apply for the Vietnam visa.