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Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Sample of Vietnam Visa

Sample of Vietnam Visa Approval letter

Sample of Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

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Last Updated: March 2022

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Vietnam Visa on arrival is also called Vietnam landing visa. This is one method to apply for the visa to enter Vietnam. With visa on arrival, the Visa will be issued at the Vietnam international airport when you arrive.

Simply stated, Vietnam Visa on arrival is a process of applying for an approval letter (Pre-approval letter/Visa approval letter). This official approved letter is used to carry out procedures when checking-in at the departure airport and picking up the actual visa stamp into passport at international airport in Vietnam upon arrival.

* Visa on arrival has the same value which the visa issued at the consulate of Vietnam in Hong Kong.

Who are eligible to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival from Hong Kong?

Most visitors all around the world who are living or traveling to Hong Kong can apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival to visit Vietnam from Hong Kong. Cause Vietnam Visa on arrival is just available for air travel only, please make sure your trip to Vietnam is by airplane.

How Vietnam visa on arrival work?

Vietnam Visa on arrival works in 3 steps:

Step 1: Apply online for the Vietnam Visa approval letter.
Fill out basic information on your citizenship and purpose for travel for the Vietnam Visa Approval letter.

Step 2: Receive the approval letter by email.
This approval letter will be used to check-in to take the flight at your departure airport and use it again at Vietnam international airport to collect the real visa stamp into your passport.

Step 3:  Fly to Vietnam and Collect the real Visa into your passport upon arrival.
On arrival at Vietnam airport, please come to Vietnam Visa Landing office (Visa on arrival office) which is on the left or right hand side of  Passport Control counter. Present your visa approval letter and some other required documents to get your visa stamp into your passport.

Which Airport of Arrival is available for Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Vietnam Visa on arrival works in 8 international airports in Vietnam:

  • Noi Bai international airport (HAN) – Hanoi city
  • Tan Son Nhat international airport(SGN) – Ho Chi Minh city
  • Cam Ranh international airport (CXR) – Nha Trang city
  • Da Nang international airport (DAD) – Da Nang city
  • Cat Bi international airport (HPH) – Hai Phong city
  • Phu Quoc international airport (PQC) – Phu Quoc island (You just need to apply for Visa on arrival in case you want to get a visa to visit other cities in Vietnam)
  • Lien Khuong international airport (DLI) – Da Lat city
  • Can Tho international airport (VCA) – Can Tho city

* Please note:
–  There are many airports in Vietnam, but only the above airport is accepted for Vietnam Visa on Arrival. Therefore, you must enter Vietnam through one of these airports.
– Vietnam Visa on Arrival is just available if you enter Vietnam through international airports only. You are not allowed to enter by sea ports or border check points with Visa on arrival. If you wish to enter via land or sea-port, please consider tp apply for for the Vietnam e-Visa.
– After getting Visa into your passport, you can exit at any ports you want include airports, land-ports and sea-ports…(no need to exit at the above international airports).

Required documents to apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Generally, the applicants do not need to submit any documents to apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival. They just need to complete the secure online application form with the basic personal information, such as full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, etc. The applicants do not need to submit passport scans or photo like e-Visa.

However, for some special cases, the applicants need to submit these following documents:

  • Hotel booking reservation
  • Round-trip air ticket reservation
  • Passport copy

*** Please check the Vietnam Visa Guide for your nationality here

How much Vietnam Visa on Arrival cost?

– Service fee (also known as visa approval letter fee):  to be paid online at the time of application to get visa application processed, your visa approval letter issued and delivered to your email.

– Stamping fee to be paid in cash to get Vietnam visa stamp on arrival at the airport

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Where to pick up the Vietnam visa on arrival?

Upon arrival, at Vietnam international airports, you will see a counter for issuing the visa, called “Vietnam landing visa counter” or “Vietnam visa on arrival counter”. This counter is located on the left or right hand side of Passport Control counter.
Please come to this counter and submit some documents as below to collect the Visa into your passport:

  • The Visa approval letter which is printed into paper already.
  • The Visa application form – Form NA1 – information and photo is completed.
  • Your original passport.
  • Stamping fee.

After you submit these documents, you may way for some minutes. The officer will call your name and then you can collect your passport back with the Visa inside.

* Note: Please check your visa carefully and ask for correction immediately if any mistake in your visa because you will have no chance to correct any mistake after exiting passport control counter.