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Last Updated: March 2022

What is the APEC card?

The APEC Card (APEC Business Travel Card or ABTC) is a privileged visa issued by the competent authority of the countries and territories of 19 APEC participating economies (including Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, China, Hong Kong (China), Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, the Philippines, the Russian Federation, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand) for businessman who travel frequently in APEC participating economies. With the aim of promoting trade and investment, attending conferences, seminars and other economic purposes in APEC countries and territories.

People who hold the APEC card which is shown the “VNM” code in the back of the card will not need a visa when entering and leaving Vietnam.

Number of days you can stay in Vietnam with free Visa: 60 days

Required Document to collect Free Vietnam Visa to enter Vietnam with the APEC card?

To enter Vietnam with the APEC card, you are required to show your original passport along with your valid APEC card to the officer at Immigration checkpoint to get Free Visa up to 60 days to Vietnam.


Original Passport

Free Entry Visa to Vietnam with APEC card

Valid APEC card

Before travel to Vietnam

With APEC card, to make sure you are able to enter Vietnam with the free visa, please check the back of your APEC card. If it shows code VNM, the Vietnam Visa will not require for your trip to Vietnam. In case the back of the card does not show code VNM, you are not allowed to enter Vietnam with Free Visa. You must apply for the valid Visa to enter Vietnam (If Vietnam visa is required, please Check the instruction how to apply for your Vietnam Visa here).


VNM - Free Visa to Vietnam up to 60 days

No VNM code - Vietnam Visa is required

Entry Procedures to enter Vietnam with the APEC card – Priority Immigration Check-in Counter

1. Looking for ABTC Passport Control Counter

Upon arrival, please looking for the instruction board to come to Arrival area. You will see many of Passport Control counters. One or 2 of them are ABTC / CREW / Business Class priority lane. Please come to this entrance lane.

2. Collect the Entry Stamp into your Passport

Submit your Original Passport and the APEC card to the Immigration officer. They will check and issue the entry stamp into your passport. Number of days you can remain in Vietnam up to 60 days. Please check information carefully before leaving the Passport Control.

3. Collect your Luggage and Enter Vietnam

Come to the Baggage Claim to collect your luggage (if yes). Then you can enter Vietnam.


– Enter Vietnam with APEC card is with Business purpose only. Please prepare your hotel address and information of partner company which you will do business with in Vietnam to confirm to the Immigration officer when they ask.

– Please remember to keep your boarding pass. The Immigration Officer may ask your flight number which you have just arrived also.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Vietnam Visa on Arrival is the best solution if your trip to Vietnam by Air. Processing time is just within 1 working days, express processing time is available. All procedures will be done online. No need to visit the consulate of Vietnam in Hong Kong to apply directly.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival from Hong Kong

Vietnam Electronic Visa

Vietnam electronic visa or Vietnam e-Visa is available for 82 countries, including Hong Kong and Macao. If your nationality is one of 82 countries and  your trip to Vietnam is less than 1 month, Vietnam e-visa is recommended. All procedure will be done online and save much time on arrival.

Vietnam e-Visa from Hong Kong

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